Do Not Give Up Against Drug Crime Charges

Here in New Jersey, a lot of people find themselves in situations they did not plan for that result in criminal charges. It is crucial that you take efforts to fight these charges, as they can result in you seeing time behind bars, as well as major fines.

At Law Offices of Melissa Rosenblum, LLC, we have more than 20 years of experience helping our clients fight drug charges. The nation is moving toward legalizing marijuana, but the federal and state government still takes drug crimes seriously.

No Charge Is Too Small Or Too Large To Fight

Minor drug charges can result in up to six months in prison, loss of your driver’s license, a $1,000 fine and mandatory rehabilitation. Receiving multiple drug convictions or participating in activity related to drug trafficking can result in decades behind bars and thousands of dollars in fines. This is why you cannot allow a conviction on your record, especially if you are already convicted of a drug charge earlier.

Whether you feel that your charges are the result of racial profiling, gang activities, or simply being caught with a few ounces of marijuana, we know what it takes to earn you the best possible outcome in your case.

Begin Your Defense Today

If you are facing criminal charges, now is the best time to seek out an attorney you can depend on. Call our offices in Linwood or Atlantic City by calling (609) 732-3753 or emailing us here. Schedule your free consultation today to protect your tomorrow.