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Protect Your Future From Sex Crime Charges

Sex crime charges are what is likely to be the most damaging of criminal charges. When you are placed on a sex offender list, you have to report to all of your neighbors that you are a criminal, which immediately damages any potential for friendships or relationships as well.

At Law Offices of Melissa Rosenblum, LLC, we know what is at stake when facing sex crime charges. We have defended clients in New Jersey from these charges for more than 25 years. It takes a fierce defense to fight a sex crime conviction, and we will stop at nothing to fight for you.

Do Not Settle For Anything Less Than The Best Possible Outcome

As a registered sex offender, you have to live with a reputation that will follow you everywhere. While you can apply to remove yourself from the registry; in New Jersey you must wait 15 years from your conviction date to apply for expunction, and only if it was your first offense.

Even relieving yourself in public is considered a sex crime. When you risk jeopardizing your career prospects as well as relationships with friends and family, you need to be sure you are doing everything possible to stop the charges from creating a criminal record.

We Can Protect Your Reputation

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