Case Result Highlights

State v. L.P.- Motion to Suppress Out-of-Court Identification and In-Court Identification Granted. First-degree Robbery dismissed. L.P. was charged with first-degree gun point robbery. Ms. Rosenblum successfully suppressed the eyewitness identification by establishing the out of court identification was unduly suggestive and unreliable.

State v. H.R. – Strong-arm Robbery – “Not Guilty” Verdict. H.R. was charged with strong-arm robbery and related offenses. Ms. Rosenblum successfully litigated numerous pre-trial motions, including a motion to suppress the money recovered from H.R. and a motion to suppress the statements made by H.R. As a result, the State was barred from using the alleged-proceeds of the robbery (i.e., the money) and also was barred from using H.R.’s statement at trial. At the conclusion of the trial, the jury found H.R. “not guilty” of robbery, conspiracy and aggravated assault.

A.C. v. P.K. – Domestic Violence – Final Restraining Order Granted. After a lengthy history of abuse, A.C. filed for a Final Restraining Order against P.K. After a hearing, Ms. Rosenblum secured a Final Restraining Order for A.C., thereby protecting her from further abuse.

State v. D.M.- Burglary and Theft- “Not Guilty” Verdict. D.M., a juvenile, was originally accused of breaking and entering into the Steel Pier and taking two go-carts. Due to the intensive investigation conducted by Ms. Rosenblum , the State agreed to dismiss the burglary offense and only proceeded to trial on the theft charge. At trial, Ms. Rosenblum successfully argued the State failed to produce any evidence that D.M. knew that the go-cart in question was stolen. The judge granted Ms. Rosenblum motion for judgment of acquittal; D.M. was found “not guilty” of all charges.

State v. B.M.- Unlawful Possession of Handgun- Motion to Suppress Granted/ Case Dismissed. B.M., a juvenile, was charged with possession of a handgun. Ms. Rosenblum filed a motion to suppress statements, asserting that police officers interrogated B.M. without providing proper Miranda warnings and further arguing that the recovery of the gun was a result of the illegal interrogation. The Court granted the motion to suppress. As a result, the case was dismissed in its entirety.

State v. A.B. – Underage Gambling – Motion to Dismiss as De Minimis Granted/ Case Dismissed. A.B. was charged with underage gambling in the Municipal Court. Ms. Rosenblum obtained copies of A.B.’s college records, philanthropic endeavors as a Boys Scout and Eagle Scout, and employment history. Ms. Rosenblum then prepared and filed a motion to dismiss the case as de minimis in the Superior Court, successfully argued the motion, resulting in the complete dismissal of the charge.