Criminal Defense You Can Rely On

When you feel all hope is lost, turn to the experienced criminal law practice of the Law Offices of Melissa Rosenblum, LLC. We have successfully defended clients in a multitude of criminal charges, letting them move past a negative circumstance and start over. For two decades, our criminal defense attorney has represented those with an array of criminal charges. Certified as a Criminal Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey, attorney Rosenblum can represent you with solid trial experience and aggressive investigation skills that strive for your most favorable results.

Types Of Criminal Cases We Take

Working with investigators to skillfully defend your rights helps us provide results-seeking counsel, especially when significant prison time is on the line. We thoroughly investigate details which other attorneys might miss. The list of cases we take includes these and other criminal acts:

  • Homicide – Includes vehicular homicide and manslaughter; secure our skilled attorney who can investigate every detail for your defense.
  • Robbery – When convicted in New Jersey, 85% of a sentence is required to be served before any parole. Speak with our lawyer today.
  • Sexual assault – We can strive to reduce your jail time and attempt to keep you off the sex offender list.
  • Casino crimes – These include arrests for betting scams, illegal gambling, cheating and swindling, and underage gambling.
  • Gun crimes – We can help defend your fifth amendment rights.
  • Drug arrests – Charges we defend include possession and distribution (sales).
  • DUI/DWI – We can help you keep your driver’s license and your freedom.
  • Traffic offenses – Each offense adds detrimental points to your driving record, let us assist.
  • Juvenile charges – Don’t leave your child’s future to chance, our attorney can fight to reduce charges and keep matters in family court.

When you are facing a criminal state or federal charge, an attorney experienced in defending your exact crime is imperative. Our attorney has tried a wide range of charges and thoroughly prepares for each and every case, as if she is going to trial. Let us take away a bit of the uncertainty and fight for you.

Serious Arrest? Speak With Our Attorney In A Free Initial Consultation.

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