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About Our Skilled Legal Representation

When you need a powerful defense, talk with our criminal defense lawyers, who will fight to protect your rights. With more than 25 years of trial experience advocating for the criminally accused, our lawyers have represented numerous clients using our approachable style and extensive knowledge of the law. From criminal charges, indictable/felony offenses, disorderly persons offenses and DUIs/DWIs to juvenile charges, we can handle your case with a tenacious and zealous defense.

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Learn About Attorney Melissa Rosenblum’s Approach To Criminal Defense Practice In Her Own Words

Attorney Melissa Rosenblum shares her approach to law and how she defends her clients with fellow attorney Rebecca Berger in the video below.

Personalized Focus That Defends Your Arrest

With a solid reputation in and around Atlantic City and Bridgeton, we offer a range of criminal defense services dedicated to each and every client, including:

Serious Criminal Offenses

It can feel like there is no defense against charges such as homicide, assault, robbery, casino fraud and human trafficking, but our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to explore all available options for minimizing your charges, beating them in court or dismissing them altogether.

Domestic Violence Matters

Our lawyers represent our clients in all areas of domestic violence charges and accusations, including restraining orders and contempt hearings. When your rights and reputation are on the line, we are here to defend you.

Traffic Offenses

Multiple charges from traffic violations, such as speeding tickets, driving with a suspended license and DUI/DWI arrests, can have serious penalties. Our traffic violation attorneys know how to navigate the criminal justice system to find a resolution that keeps your record as clean as possible from these charges.

Juvenile Criminal Charge Advocacy

We also represent minors facing criminal charges and related issues, including detention hearings and waivers to adult court hearings. The outcomes of these issues can change your child’s life, and we want to be the ones who fight for a future they can look forward to.

No matter how challenging your charges may seem, we are prepared to fight for you to pursue the outcome you deserve in your case.

Certified Criminal Defense Services

Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a criminal trial attorney, Melissa Rosenblum works with a client-focused approach that keeps you informed throughout your entire legal process. She understands the sentencing structure and can work to identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case that play to your advantage. The skills and knowledge attained during this time may act as the defining edge in your defense strategy.

Attorneys Who Will Put You First

At the Law Offices of Melissa Rosenblum, LLC, we do not judge; we defend. Our welcoming style and knowledge of the law immediately put one at ease. Speak with us today about your legal matter by calling (609) 732-3753 or sending us this easy email form. We respond promptly to every communication.