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Criminal Charges Should Not Ruin A Student’s Life

Last updated on December 12, 2023

A criminal conviction can completely derail your college student’s educational career. It can result in suspension, expulsion and permanent damage to their reputation, making it difficult for them to find jobs or pursue higher educational opportunities.

You need a defense attorney like Melissa Rosenblum who has experience defending college students from a variety of charges. At Law Offices of Melissa Rosenblum, LLC, she uses more than 25 years of experience in criminal defense for students to shield your child from the impact of an arrest, charge and conviction. She handles a broad spectrum of crimes, from disorderly persons charges to indictable offenses.

Some of the criminal charges she sees most often when working with young people include:

  • Underage drinking
  • Drunk driving
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Drug offenses
  • Vandalism
  • Public exposure
  • Theft, burglary, robbery, etc.
  • Sex crimes

In addition to college students, she works with juvenile offenders. No young person should have to suffer forever because of one mistake or poor choice. Ms. Rosenblum’s goal is to minimize the consequences and help your child’s future stay bright.

Thorough Understanding Of School Disciplinary Proceedings

Colleges and universities have internal procedures for addressing students’ criminal charges. When searching for a lawyer, it is critical that you hire one who understands these procedures and can explain your rights under them. Ms. Rosenblum has existing relationships with administrators and other staff members at a number of colleges near Atlantic City and elsewhere throughout the state. She understands how the disciplinary proceedings work at schools such as:

  • Thomas Jefferson University
  • Rutgers University
  • Princeton University
  • The College of New Jersey

She understands not only how to handle the criminal defense side of the case but also the academic disciplinary side, striving to keep the matter quiet and resolve it quickly.

Act Now – The Future Is At Stake

Whether you are a parent who feels worried about your child’s future or you are a college student who needs legal advice, Law Offices of Melissa Rosenblum, LLC, can help you. Reach out to us to schedule an initial consultation. Please call (609) 732-3753 or send us an email.