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You might need a defense attorney while vacationing in Atlantic City

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Criminal law

Vacations are for relaxation and enjoyment, but sometimes unexpected legal issues can arise. Not only does this put a damper on your getaway, but it likely entails a great deal of stress.

Atlantic City, with its vibrant nightlife and bustling casinos, is a popular destination for tourists. However, finding yourself facing legal troubles while on vacation is a scenario no one anticipates. Here are a few reasons why you might find yourself in need of legal defense while visiting the Garden State.

Accused of cheating in a casino

Casinos in Atlantic City are hotspots for entertainment, but accusations of cheating can quickly turn the tables. Whether intentional or a misunderstanding, accusations of cheating can lead to serious consequences. Security measures in casinos are stringent, and staff might misconstrue an innocent action.

Physical altercation at a bar

The lively atmosphere of bars and casinos can sometimes escalate into physical altercations. A momentary lapse in judgment or a misunderstanding can result in charges ranging from assault to disorderly conduct. Navigating the legal aftermath of a brawl without proper defense can leave you facing fines and even incarceration.

DUI charges

Enjoying a night out on the town can quickly take a turn for the worse if you find yourself facing DUI charges. New Jersey has strict laws regarding driving under the influence, and a moment of poor decisions can lead to serious legal consequences. A skilled legal defense can help navigate the complexities of DUI charges, potentially minimizing the impact on your vacation and your record.

Studies show that New Jersey saw 114.6 million visitors in 2022, and it is, unfortunately, impossible to think that none of them ended up on the wrong side of the law during their stay. The good news is that a criminal defense attorney can help tourists navigate the complexities of facing criminal charges as an out-of-state individual.

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