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How does the New Jersey driver’s license point system work?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2023 | Traffic tickets

Safety on New Jersey roadways is a high priority for the state’s Motor Vehicle Commission. For that reason, the authorities penalize drivers for traffic violations by assigning a number of points to their licenses to match the severity of the infraction.

Tracking traffic violations through a points system allows the MVC to monitor and penalize high-risk drivers. It is important for New Jersey motorists to understand how the driver’s license point system and to know the consequences that it entails.

How many points will I get for a traffic violation?

The New Jersey MVC assigns points in accordance with a points schedule that lists all punishable traffic violations. Minor violations, such as speeding less than 15 miles per hour over the limit or moving against traffic, are worth two points. The most grievous violation one can make in New Jersey is to flee the scene after causing an injury in a collision, and doing so is worth 8 points against your license.

Will I lose my license if I get too many points?

Accruing six or more points on your license can entail heavy fines, while twelve points will result in the suspension of driving privileges. Keep in mind that an increase in points can mark you as a risky driver, possibly leading to higher insurance premiums. Going twelve consecutive months without committing a traffic violation will lead to the removal of points from your record.

Points accumulate on your New Jersey driving record after the conviction of a traffic violation. You have the option to defend yourself against those charges to keep your good driving record intact.