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Is it worth it to fight a traffic violation?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Traffic tickets

Fighting traffic tickets can seem like a headache you’d rather avoid by just paying a fine and moving on. It can be cumbersome and may take time and money. However, in certain cases, doing so can have significant short- and long-term benefits.

How a traffic violation can affect you

It might seem like a single ticket isn’t a big deal. However, even one infraction can affect you in costly and stressful ways.

  • Traffic violations can result in significant increases in insurance premiums.
  • Fines can stack up quickly, adding up to hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  • New Jersey observes a point system, and each infraction can lead to points on your record. If you accrue too many points, you can face extra financial penalties and possible license suspension.
  • Severe or recurrent offenses can lead to jail time.

Defending your rights and protecting your future

On top of the financial and logistical motivations for fighting against traffic violations, you may also want to defend yourself from rights violations and unnecessarily harsh penalties. For instance, police officers may be wrong as to whether you committed an infraction. If you believe the police officer made a mistake, you can show up at traffic court on your court date and explain why you have not violated the law.

If you have any doubts as to whether the police officer was correct in charging you with a violation, do not pay the ticket, as that will be interpreted as an admission of guilt. Instead, you can work with an attorney to enter a plea of not guilty and attend a court hearing to defend yourself against unnecessarily harsh penalties.