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Finding a job after being released from prison

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2020 | Firm News

Facing charges of crime is enough for many people to give up on any hope of living a productive and successful life. However, just because a person commits a crime, does not mean their mistakes have to dictate the outcome of their life.

Upon their release from prison, many people desire to rebuild their lives and put their past behind them. One of the first things they will need to do is to find a job. Their understanding of how to approach job hunting post-release may boost their confidence.

The value of a job post-prison

According to Business Insider, convicts who are able to secure a job may feel validated as human beings and feel as though their contributions to society are necessary and worthwhile. As such, they may refrain from relapsing into criminal activity. Experts suggest that a job for an ex-con is like an anchor to provide stability, reassurance and support to individuals and their families, as well as motivation to live with purpose.

Working through the ranks

A common misunderstanding among ex-cons is the belief that they must work at low-level jobs forever. While it may take them some time to work their way up, through dedication and a resolve to achieve personal goals, they can build their reputation and credibility, as well as strengthen their skills.

Minnesota State suggests that people focus their initial efforts on transition jobs. These are jobs doing things like automotive repair and maintenance, food preparation and delivery, warehouse stocking and transport, and facilitating customer service inquiries. Such responsibilities will allow people to demonstrate commitment, strengthen skills, establish their work history and prove self-reliance and accountability. Over time, people may effectively show their readiness to take on more responsibility and thus acquire a more desirable and long-term job.